Eric Bluebaum (Maharaja)

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This time around we feature the vinyl collection of Eric Bluebaum, bassist and vocalist in the Dayton Ohio based band Maharaja.

The first record I ever bought with my own money was…

Peter, Bjorn, & John – Living Thing

I had just gotten into vinyl and wanted something my dad didn’t have. I recognized the band name and bought it.

The record that made me want to make music was…

I grew up in a music family. There was no “the record.”

The record I’ve played more than any other is…

Erykah Badu – Mama’s Gun

The record that always make me feel good is…

The Strokes – Room On Fire

The record I turn to when I’m feeling down is…

Radiohead – Amnesiac

The record with my favorite cover art is…

Still Corners – Creatures Of An Hour

The strangest LP I own is…

Maximum Effort – Maximum Effort
St. Louis, Illinois
Awesome Conspiracy Punk

The rarest LP I own is…

Probably Maximum Effort. Firstly because they were just a diy band but also bc I’ve never heard of them again since that once house show they played in Dayton. Weird dudes. Awesome jams.

The last LP I bought was…

Charles Bradley – Victim of Love
Charles Bradley – Black Velvet

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Maharaja’s latest album, Kali Yuga, was released on September 22, 2017. You can download a copy from Bandcamp.

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