Kitchens & Dub (Stone Machine Electric)

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This time around we feature the record collection of musicians William (Dub) Irvin and Mark Kitchens (above) from the Texas based jazz doom duo Stone Machine Electric.

The first record I ever bought with my own money was…

Dub: Hmmm…with my own money? I think it might’ve been either Ozzy Blizzard of Ozz or The Allman Brothers Eat A Peach. That was too long ago to remember for sure, and I had other records before that. The timeline is rather fuzzy.

Kitchens: Van Halen’s 1984. How could you not after seeing the video for Jump! Even bought a sleeveless Van Halen shirt from K-mart.

The record that made me want to make music was…

Dub: I think I wanted to make music before I ever had a record. I was always picking out tunes on the piano or organ at my grandparents’ house. But it was either KISS Destroyer, Rock and Roll Over, Alive II, or the Beth single (backed with Detroit Rock City) that really put it into gear. I know I had the single first, but I don’t remember what order I got the albums.

Kitchens: I think I already said Van Halen’s 1984. Anyway, who didn’t want to play guitar after seeing that video for Jump? Why am I playing drums again?

The record I’ve played more than any other is…

Dub: It would probably be one of the aforementioned KISS albums. I used to listen to them all the time as a kid. I even carried them to school with me, even though I wouldn’t have been able to listen to them there. Haha.

Kitchens: fIREHOSE’s “if’n”. For me, that is the perfect album, and I couldn’t explain why. I just love that album.

The record that always make me feel good is…

Dub: I’m not sure there is one that always makes me feel good. Well, maybe Trapeze Medusa. Such a great band. Or maybe Eat A Peach or At Fillmore East by The Allman Brothers.

Kitchens: Stand! by Sly and the Family Stone. Can’t beat love in that album and the whole album just takes you higher. Full of funk and jams to boot.

The record I turn to when I’m feeling down is…

Dub: Back when I used to get down a lot I’d put on Suicidal Tendencies How Will I Laugh Tomorrow When I Cant Even Smile Today. I could completely relate to it. But that probably doesn’t count since I had it on cassette. Haha Nowadays it’s whatever the mood calls for. Sometimes it might be Zeppelin, others might be Miles Davis Kind of Blue. There are different types of “down.”

Kitchens: Road noise or silence are the only things I want to hear when I’m feeling down. It could also be something droney. Dylan Carlson’s Conquistador is great!

Stone Machine Electric vinyl collection

The record with my favorite cover art is…

Dub: I don’t care for the album that much, but I think Black Sabbath Born Again might be my favorite cover. There are more artistic covers out there, but something about that one just stands out.

Kitchens: Earth’s The Bees Made Honey in the Lion’s Skull is greatness. I ended up getting the special edition version they put out a few years ago just because I love the music and the art. I don’t usually buy multiple copies of an album, but I did for this one.

The strangest LP I own is…

Dub: That could be defined various ways. Strange musically, strange that I have it, etc. Just off the cuff I’ll say Pac-Man Fever by Buckner and Garcia. I used to have Chipmunk Punk, but I can’t find it. Not sure what happened to it.

Kitchens: I can’t think of one musically strange. I do have the artwork picture disc for Iron Maiden’s single Can I Play with Madness. It’s got a weird shape since they cut the edge of the record around the artwork. It’s kinda warped and unplayable nowadays.

The rarest LP I own is…

Dub: That would probably be Pantera Metal Magic. Their first album from 1983. I would like to find Projects in the Jungle and I Am The Night on vinyl, but I probably couldn’t afford them if I did. I do have Projects… on cassette at least, but no copy of I Am The Night. 🙁

Kitchens: I have a supposed bootleg of the Doors in Stockholm that I bought at a flea market when I was 16. I’ve never looked into it, but who nows, maybe it is rare. I’ve also got a Russian release of a Doors album. I think it’s a greatest hits or something.

The last LP I bought was…

Dub: That would be High Priestess. Great band we were able to share the stage with a few weeks ago. If you haven’t checked them out you should.

Kitchens: I recently order the new Big Business album The Beast You Are. Looking forward to spinning that one once I get it. Preordered the upcoming Earth album as well. That’s gonna be good.

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Stone Machine Electric’s latest album, Darkness Dimensions Disillusion, was released on April 26, 2019. It is available through Sludgelord Records on CD, cassette and as a digital download here.

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