Rae Amitay (Immortal Bird)

Rae Amitay
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This time around we feature the collection of Immortal Bird frontwoman Rae Amitay.

The first record I ever bought with my own money was…

I’m not sure. I do know that the first CD I ever bought was the Disney Tarzan OST, because as a kid I was completely enamored by Phil Collins’ voice (and no one had told me about Genesis yet)

The record that made me want to make music was…

There isn’t one specific record, I’m inspired by so many different artists and genres that I just can’t pinpoint one cornerstone album or listening experience!

The record I’ve played more than any other is…

Coroner’s “Mental Vortex” gets a lot of spins, so does Zappa’s “One Size Fits All” — Also, REO Speedwagon’s “You Can Tune a Piano, but You Can’t Tuna Fish” is in heavy rotation.

The record that always make me feel good is…

Rush’s “Moving Pictures” or Scorpions’ “World Wide Live” always get me smiling. Or anything by Iron Maiden.

The record I turn to when I’m feeling down is…

Russian Circles’ “Station” is melancholy and reflective but also has so much intensity. It kind of just wraps around you. I also like to dive right into those crestfallen feelings, so sometimes I’ll put on Jeff Buckley’s “Grace” or Portishead’s “Dummy”.

The record with my favorite cover art is…

I love Emerson Lake & Palmer’s artwork for “Brain Salad Surgery” — H.R. Giger was such an incredible artist. I love how impactful his work has been across so many genres and creative fields.

The strangest LP I own is…

I’m not going to presume anything I own is “strange” but I do love my clear green copy of the Vince Guaraldi Trio’s “A Charlie Brown Christmas” — Pretty sure you can get that on Amazon, though.

The rarest LP I own is…

I have no idea. I’ve never fallen down the Discogs rabbit hole, and I’m admittedly pretty uninitiated with the world of rare/collectible vinyl. I love buying fun/beautiful variants when they’re available, but for the most part I just love the ritual of selecting a record, putting it on, etc. It feels better than finding an artist on Spotify and just streaming them, although I do plenty of that, too. Playing records feels more deliberate, and I find myself listening more closely.

The last LP I bought was…

I snagged a used copy of Voivod’s “Nothingface” and Genesis’ “Duke” a couple of weeks ago.

• • • • • • • • • •

Immortal Bird will be going on a west coast tour this May/June (joining up with Gadget and Cloud Rat for select dates) and playing Northwest Terror Fest in Seattle.

Their new album (recorded/mixed by Dave Otero) will be out this summer via 20 Buck Spin. A lot more news regarding that in the next few weeks.

You can currently get a copy of the “Empress/Abscess” LP on three killer variants via Corpse Flower Records. Check that out here.


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