“Overlook” by H-Hour

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“Overlook” is a track taken from H-Hour‘s 1986 album Tall Tales of Idaho, which was released for the first time on March 1, 2023.

In 1986 the last incarnation of the band H-Hour had solidified into a formidable sonic force to be reckoned with. The members picked up their instruments and meager belongings to move to Seattle from Boise, Idaho where the group originally formed. After a few months, they had made ready an LP’s worth of material and went into Reciprocal Recording studio to record their songs with a fellow named Jack Endino. Endino, who was still early on in his recording career, instantly connected with the band musically. Together, they captured the energy and aesthetic of what was to become one of the heavier pre-grunge pioneering sounds, and precursors to what was to take the music world by storm. H-Hour had a heavy guitar feel with tribal drums and percussive bass that laid the foundation for the melodic vocals and style they all delivered. All of the elements coalesced to take shape into a congruent powerful entity completely unique to the band. None of these seven songs have been previously released; All of these songs came from cassette tapes and various CDs that their friend Mimi Crocker, who also managed the band, had set aside for almost 40 years. They were restored and mastered with love and care by Tad Doyle at his Witch Ape Studio Seattle in 2023.

H-Hour formed in Boise, Idaho in early 1981 by Bob Harper, Mike Fortin, Jack Helton, Doug Weide and Roger Bishop. The early years were spent playing shows at various all-ages venues with the original lineup changing instruments during the set. By the time the last version of H-Hour came together, none of the original members were present. These songs are dedicated to Bob Harper (R.I.P.) and the other original members.

Band members
John R. Clint – vox
Danny Brown – guitars
Darren Peters – bass
Tad Doyle – drums

Tall Tales of Idaho is available as a digital download here.

Band Links: Bandcamp

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