“Imagine the Cure” by Hail Your Highness

Hail Your Highness
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“Imagine the Cure” is a track from Michigan dream rock duo Hail Your Highness. It was released on October 13, 2023.

“Imagine the Cure” is a track 4 years in the making for Hail Your Highness and an end to an era. Recorded during the pandemic at HYH’s home studio SHEFREAK Studio alongside longtime engineer and dear friend Brian “Bone” Thorburn at Threshold Studio Productions. This is HYH’s first track in 3 years following SOFTBOY featuring a pop-driven melody in Drop B tuning. A song about never giving up, holding on to yourself and being your own cure. This was ironically named before the pandemic and took on a completely new meaning after the fact.

“Imagine the Cure” is available to download here.

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