“Knockoff” by MIIRRORS

MIIRRORS - Motion and Picture
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“Knockoff” is a track taken from MIIRRORSs debut album, Motion and Picture, which was released on March 24, 2023, through Pravda Records. It is available on vinyl and for download here.

What began as a chance encounter on an airplane between Brian McSweeney and Shawn Rios 22 years ago grew into a decades long friendship which ignited the inevitable musical partnership that formed Chicago’s MIIRRORS. They reverse-engineered the usual process of becoming a band by prioritizing album creation over live performance while at their own pace, morphing the duo into a cohesive quintet of seasoned multi-instrumentalists along the way- veterans Dmitri Rakhuba, Andre Miller, and Patrick Riley completed the lineup, and they evolved the collective sound quickly.


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