“Static Hum” by The Lumbar Endeavor

VVOLFE - The Lumbar Endeavor
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Chelsea Wolfe reimagined, redefined and released with heavy, devotional harmonies by The Lumbar Endeavor (AKA Aaron D.C. Edge).

Aaron says: I first met Chelsea when I was art directing Southern Lord records and Greg asked her to play one of our local Los Angeles shows in 2010/11. My partner at the time had warned me that I’d fall in love with Wolfe’s original and haunting sound—as I had not yet heard the artist—indeed I did fall in love. How different, special, layered, interesting, and broken. Real. Honest. Heavy.

14 years later, I have my own way to record and release curated collections of inspirational homage to the artists and bands that move me. One thing that I find so difficult is choosing the tracks (!!!), as there are so many wondrous songs to cover. I’m thrilled to share these, hope y’all dig what I’ve done here folks.

Bandcamp – https://thelumbarendeavor.bandcamp.com/album/v-v-o-l-f-e

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