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Adult Human Females
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Adult Human Females - Demo Adult Human Females are a new 4 piece punk band from New York City. Their name is derived from the dictionary definition of woman that TERFs (Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists) love to use as a way to exclude trans women from womanhood.

The band consists of Amy (Guitar), Xstine (Vocals), Esther (Bass) and Mia (Drums).

Their two-song demo was released earlier this year on August 9. It was recorded by Jed & Laurent at CAPS LOCK Recordings.

The first track, Tuck Tuck Goose, is a raging grunge-tinged punk anthem. It grabs you by the throat and doesn’t let go. In an interview with Uterzine, Amy says this of the song: “Tuck Tuck Goose” is a very tongue-in-cheek song with silly lyrics that tells a little story of a “scary” trans woman using the bathroom or disturbing the upbringing, things like that. It mocks those who truly believe that trans people are actively trying to upset children or take away spaces from cis women, such as the bathroom or other gendered spaces.

Of track two, the Hole (but much heavier) sounding “What’s it Gonna Be?,” Xstine says: “What’s it Gonna Be?” is a song about existing in contrast to society. Choosing between fear or misery is all too familiar to us. Sometimes it seems impossible to be the one to stand up and fight, but we must persevere.

Songs with a political edge that don’t forget to have fun.

Adult Human Females are good. Real good! Fingers crossed that we will see a full length sometime in 2024.

Track listing:
01] Tuck Tuck Goose
02] What’s it Gonna Be?

The demo is available for purchase on Adult Human Female’s Bandcamp.

Release Date: August 9, 2023
Band Links: Linktree | Bandcamp | Instagram

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