Miracle Blood Drops New Single/Video

Miracle Blood
photo by Kristi Xhelili
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Nefarious Industries has infused Boston’s MIRACLE BLOOD into their eclectic and unpredictable roster as they unveil the brand new video/single “Lobotomizer” alongside a repress of the trio’s debut LP Melter. The track was produced with Alex Allinson (Bedtimemagic, The Freqs, Lesotho) and mastered at Audiosiege by Brad Boatright (The Armed, Sleep, Nails), and is paired with an energetic new video which was produced and directed by Haunted Basement Productions.

Guitarist/vocalist Andrew Wong reveals, “‘Lobotomizer’ is about the horror of losing control of your own life to societal pressures. It’s so easy to fall into making so many life decisions because it seems like ‘what you’re supposed to do.’ Life can become extremely prescribed if you don’t take the time to question what you really want out of it. It’s like having your brain controlled by someone else; those little voices in your head that say, ‘You really should be doing this or that by whatever age.’ You can easily wake up one day and realize the life you’re living is someone else’s version of what is ideal. It happens a lot. It’s mundane but still scary. I think the older we get, the more we feel these types of pressures.”

“The video was super fun to make. Everyone in the band is a huge fan of horror movies, so we absolutely love the way it came out. We didn’t have a lot of time, but the ideas came together really fast, and we got all the shooting done in just one day at our practice space. We worked with Haunted Basement Productions who were just amazing and really helped us develop our ideas and bring them to life so fast and so well.”

Details on MIRACLE BLOOD’s impending second album will be issued over the months ahead preceding a Fall release.

Pre-orders for the repress of Melter (transparent slime green vinyl, second pressing. Edition of 100.) are available here.

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