“Final Feather” by Unwed Sailor

Unwed Sailor
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“Final Feather” is a new track from Unwed Sailor. It is taken from their upcoming full-length release, Underwater Over There, which drops on May 10, 2024.

Tulsa, Oklahoma’s Unwed Sailor have been on a tear over the past few years. Following a quiet phase through much of the 2010s, they reëmerged with the aptly titled Heavy Age (2019), and two more full-lengths, Truth Or Consequences (2021) and Mute The Charm (2023), that chart a remarkable evolution of their bass-led, pop-leaning post rock. On Underwater Over There – their ninth LP overall – a current of 80s goth and jangle-pop runs beneath a litany of memorable hooks and compositional left turns, creating a propulsive and intricate world of sound.

Underwater Over There is available for pre-order on vinyl, CD and digitally here.

Band Links: Bandcamp | Instagram | Website

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